About us & Contact

Culture Vultures (C.V.) is an arts and culture organization coming from the heart of Sefrou, a market town at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains.  Established in 2009, C.V.s portfolio includes an artist residency program, artisan connections, community arts activities and last but not least exhibitions and project management.

The initiation of Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism by Culture Vultures derives from a fascination with the history of Sefrou, both rich and often concealed, and a gratitude for the town and its’ people.

This sister blog to the Museums website is set up to archive articles and research papers on the encyclopedic subject of Multiculturalism in Morocco with a perspective from the ancient city of Sefrou. Sources for the content vary.  We have kept to the original script.  Our role, here at Sefrou Museum, is to share the researches reveled to us both through the internet as an archive and the people of Sefrou who graciously share their stories and experiences.

Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism honors the rich diversity of cultures that have resided on these fertile lands over the millennia and highlights the marks that still echo their cultures.

To contact us email – info@sefroumuseum.org