About us & Contact

Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism is a new and exciting participatory museum with an open-door policy. It has expanded out of Culture Vultures (est. 2009) and forms a branch of the Sefrou Association for Multidisciplinary Arts (SAMA). It is located at the heart of the medina in Sefrou, a market town at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Meet the SAMA board. Clockwise from top left: treasurer, Hassan Alaoui; secretary, Sara El Ouedhiri; vice-treasurer, Meriam Bousetat; president, Sadik Rdad. (Off-camera, vice-president Ahmed Anouar Sherifi).

The museum aims to display the rich history of Sefrou in interactive physical and online spaces. It hopes to help empower and unite the town and its people, present and past, with their shared multicultural history, and educate visitors on the subject.

This blog is a branch of the main museum website. It is an online archive built around the theme of Moroccan multiculturalism, with a particular eye to Sefrouian history and culture.

Giving equal weight to each, our role is to communicate both professional research accessible online and the stories graciously shared with us on the ground by the people of Sefrou. We tend to make only minor changes to the wording of online sources, and we always include links to these sources at the foot of each article.

To contact us please email – sefroucoworking@gmail.com