A walk through Sefrou: Here is what you can explore in the hidden gem of Morocco


Sefrou is a small city nestled at the foot of the Middle Atlas, only 22 km (20-40 minutes’ drive) of Fez. The city is crossed by Oued Agai (The cheeks in Amazigh). This imperial city is renowned for its fascinating historical diversity, its natural rich surroundings and its local hospitality and tolerance. 

Oued Agai – Sefrou

Heading to Morocco for the first time, it might be easy to miss the city of Sefrou. Often caught up in a list of well-picked touristic itineraries, tourists find themselves taking a similar venue across Morocco: north, starting from Tangiers and heading south to include Rabat, Fez, Marrakech and the vast Saraha. All of these destinations do indeed offer exceptional experiences infused with millennia-long anchored traditions and an aroma of modernism. 

But if you are considering taking new turns in your next trip to Morocco by visiting Sefrou, here is what you can enjoy: 

Entrance of Sefrou

1. The Cave of the Believer

 At the very entrance of the city lies the Cave of the Believer (Kahf Lihoudi كهف ليهودي). According to the local Jewish tradition, the cave is reputably the burial site of the Prophet Daniel. Nearby you can find an old cemetery where righteous Jews were once buried. If you are interested in knowing more about Judaism and the Jewish history of the city, then this first stop is a must-see. 

2. Three in one: Mausoleum of Sidi Ali Bosrgin- Fort Prioux- The Fountain of Lalla Rkia

Sefrou is imbued with a diverse spiritual history. A few minutes taxi driver can take you to the Mausoleum of Sidi Ali Bosrgin a descendent of Moulay Idriss. The saint is to be found at the peak of a formidable hill and it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Mausoleum of Sidi Ali Bosrgin
Sidi Bouserghine 1929 ( Photo service photographique de la résidence 1929)

After a brief walk north, you’ll find yourself at an abandoned French military base “Fort Prioux” built during the French protectorate. If you wander farther west, you may find the ancient fountain of Lalla Rekia. The water from this fountain is believed to cure both psychological and physical ailments.

3. The Cascade

Edging the city is a beautiful cascade mostly visited by families on weekends and holidays. Overlooking the water is a multi-level terrace with tables and umbrellas where you can snack on popcorn and fresh orange juice. Further downstream, the family’s picnic on the shady riverbank. You may also see groups of women sitting at the edge of the water, laughing, chatting, and making laakad–the silk buttons used for djellabas and kaftans.

Cascade in Sefrou

4. The Old Medina and Mellah

As you venture into the medina, you’ll find it just as charming as that of Fez–and much easier to navigate. At the centre of the medina lies Haddadine Square.

Bab Lemkam – The entering gate of the medina

This is where you can find Sefrou’s famed artisans: “weavers, blacksmiths, button makers, plough makers, ironmongers, and tinsmiths” are all stationed here, writes Vago Damitio a travel blogger. In the Mellah, you will note the unique Jewish architecture and there you can visit the famous  Em Habanim synagogue.

See original article : Sefrou: The Jewel of Morocco By Morgan Hekking


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